Q: Is UMEHEAL a CES, TENS, or EMS machine?

A: UMEHEAL can be and is actually more than a CES, TENS, and EMS machine. It does much more than what a regular CES, TENS or EMS machine can offer in a more effective and safer manner. That is due to its proprietary technology and capability, built on solid neuroscience, bio-electronics, electrotherapy, sport medicine and Chinese Traditional Medicine, to create and deliver professional therapy programs based on experts’ techniques and procedures in clinics or gyms.


Q: Is it applicable to people of all ages?

A: UMEHEAL is suitable for people who have the listed problems and goals, but with the restrictions listed in


Q: Are there any limitations to use UMEHEAL? 

A: Yes. You should NOT use UMEHEAL if you have a heart pacemaker or have heart rhythm problems. Please check out more restrictions listed in


Q: Can I sit/ move/ exercise with this? 

A: UMEHEAL doesn’t restrict your movement at any way. It’s designed to be used while you sit/move/exercise.


Q: What does the UMEHEAL package include? 

A: The standard UMEHEAL package includes 1 UMEHEAL U1S device, 1 device cable with 4 electrodes, 1 U-shaped electrode pad , 4 round electrode pads, 1 carry bag, and 1 USB charging cable.


Q: How do I pick my color?

A: You can choose the white, black or pink color when you place an order.


Q: Is it safe to use?

A: Yes. The critical waveform building blocks of all the therapy programs are used in clinics and gyms for years. Their efficacy and safety are inherited. The product is designed and tested to meet the class II medical device requirement by FDA, CE-MDD, and CFDA.


Q: Are there any side effects? 

A: Safe use of the product doesn’t have any negative side effects or whatsoever. It doesn’t leave any marks on your body either.


Q: How do I use a UMEHEAL program?  

A: You simply select the program you want on the UMEHEAL App, attach UMEHEAL's electrode pad(s) to the body areas indicated by the pictures shown on the App, press the 'Start' button and that's it. You can adjust the intensity to your comfort level. Moreover, you can always press the “ON” button and run the program you last downloaded without invoking the App or phone.


Q: When and how to use the electrodes at the bottom of the device?  

A: UMEHEAL is an all-in-one device in terms of the rich set of functions it can offer and a variety of problems it can tackle. It supports both direct attachment with a pad and indirect attachment with pads via the electrode cable. Users can use the device in a number of ways: (1) attach 5 pads altogether to your body at the same time; (2) attach one or two pairs of pads through the cable; or (3) attach the single pad to your device using the two snap fasteners at the bottom of the device. The third way comes in handy especially when you want to use it while you are walking and exercising. By the way, it should be noted that the two electrodes at the bottom should be covered with the supplied rubber plugs at all time after use.


Q: Will I need to change batteries?   

A: No. UMEHEAL is powered by internal batteries. You can charge it by plugging it into the supplied USB cable. The battery charge time takes no more than 2 hours.


Q: Do I need to buy any extras or anything else?   

A: Depending on your choice you may want to buy U Life, U Painless, U Sleep or U Fit which may need extra set of gears for combination. Don’t worry! We always organize the right and complete combination for you.


Q: What if my UMEHEAL doesn't work properly?   

A: Working hard to make sure every detail of UMEHEAL works well and we don't compromise on customer satisfaction. It’s covered under a 1-year warranty. Not that you'll need it though 🙂