Safety Precautions】

  Please read carefully before use to prevent potential harm or loss.

  The following people must not use UMEHEAL:

  • Pregnant women and children;
  • People with skin allergy to the pad;
  • People with malignant tumors and other major medical conditions;
  • People with skin disorders or abnormalities;
  • Read the “Cautions” section for each program in the app.



  • Should not be used with the following device:
    1. implantable medical electronic devices, e.g., cardiac pacemaker;
    2. artificial heart or lung and other life-sustaining medical device;
    3. ECG and other medical electronic device.
  • Do not use in high-temperature environment, e.g.,heated blankets;
  • Do not let the padtouch anymetal parts of any items;
  • Do not use when your cloth, body and environment are too wet;
  • Read the “Cautions” section for each program in the app.