UMEHEAL, an Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered healthcare technology company, specializes in neuromodulation electroceuticals and digital healthcare. We commit to innovative solutions to improve people’s health.

In the past couple of years, we have developed a proprietary common AI-powered and Software Defined Neuromodulation (ASDN) platform that enables the creation of neuromodulation and the development and optimization of neuromodulation waveforms into complete therapy programs using artificial intelligence. UMEHEAL U1 is the first wellness device, born out of the platform, that has over 600 neuromodulation therapy programs, some for pain relief, bodybuilding, and relaxation and others for Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) acupuncture treatment for over 60 conditions.

RelieforMe, a medical device cleared by FDA 510(k), is the world’s first AI-powered nondrug pain reliever that can be personalized.

We have recently been developing a comprehensive migraine relief (CMR) technology with a novel neuromodulation device and a digital therapeutics app as an integrated solution called Migraine Hack (MH). We are launching a beta version of the MH App for user inputs for future optimization.

With ASDN platform enabler, more and more exciting healthcare products in our pipeline are coming!