Project Description

Q: How does it work?

A: It is an innovation based on the principles of TENS, EMS, and their combination techniques; and successful practice experience from various medical doctors, massage masters, and fitness coaches.


Q: Is RelieforMe UPK-GE01 a TENS and EMS machine?

A: RelieforMe UPK-GE01 uses principles that are similar to a TENS and EMS device, but its frequency and wave forms are unique and are optimized for every problem and goal. In addition, patterns of each complete procedure with the integrated frequency and wave forms are built on expert knowledge and experience to tackle every problem.


Q: Is it applicable to people of all ages?

A: RelieforMe UPK-GE01 is suitable for people who are at least 18 years old and have the listed problems and goals, but with the restrictions listed in user manual.


Q: Are there any limitations to use RelieforMe UPK-GE01? 

A: Yes. You should NOT use RelieforMe UPK-GE01 if you have a heart pacemaker or have heart rhythm problems. Please check out more restrictions listed in user manual.


Q: Can I sit/ move/ exercise with this? 

A: RelieforMe UPK-GE01 doesn’t restrict your movement at any way. It’s designed to be used while you sit/move/exercise.


Q: What does the RelieforMe UPK-GE01 package include? 

A: The RelieforMe UPK-GE01 package includes 1 RelieforMe UPK-GE01 device, 1 small and 1 big U-shaped electrode pad, 1 carry bag, 1 USB charging cable, 1 user manual. 


Q: Is it safe to use and approved by certificates?

A: Yes, its specifications and design are based on related FDA requirements. It is intended to reduce the risk and manage certain pains and conditions as well as to enhance your fitness to improve your overall health. We are in the process to obtain FDA clearance.


Q: Are there any side effects? 

A: Isolated cases of skin irritation or bums may occur due to electrical stimulation or adhesive medium (gel pads).


Q: How do I use a RelieforMe UPK-GE01 program?  

A: You simply select the program you want on the RelieforMe UPK-GE01 APP, attach RelieforMe UPK-GE01's electrode pad to the body parts indicated by the pictures shown on the APP, click the 'Start' button and that's it. You can adjust the intensity to your comfort level. Moreover, you can always press the “+” key on the device upon power up and run the default program in the device or the last used program selected from the APP. 

Q: When and how to use the electrode pad at the back of the device?  

A: Snap the pad with the device as shown in the below figure and place over the treatment area before the device is powered on.

Q: Will I need to change batteries?   

A: No. RelieforMe UPK-GE01 is powered by internal battery. You can charge it by plugging it into the supplied USB cable. The battery charge time takes no more than 2 hours.


Q: Do I need to buy any extras or anything else?   

A: No. The RelieforMe UPK-GE01 package comes with everything you need. Specifically: 1 RelieforMe UPK-GE01 device, 1 small and 1 big U-shaped electrode pad, 1 USB charging cable, 1 user manual and that's all you need. No extras, no add-ons.


Q: What if my RelieforMe UPK-GE01 doesn't work properly?   

A: We are working hard to make sure every detail of RelieforMe UPK-GE01 works well and we don't compromise on customer satisfaction. It’s covered under a 1-year warranty. Not that you'll need it though.