Project Description

TENS stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. It is an a non-invasive and nonpharmacological intervention used in the treatment of acute and chronic pain conditions.

TENS applies specific electrical waveforms through your skin to the nerve endings to suppress pain via two mechanisms:

1)      Pain Gate Control Mechanism – blocking and overriding the nerve pain signals before they reach the brain.

2)      Endorphin Release Mechanism – stimulating the release of the body's own natural pain stopping chemicals called endorphins.

Pain Gate Control Mechanism involves the activation (excitation) of the large diameter A beta (Aβ) sensory fibers of the nerve system. Under normal physiological circumstances, the brain generates pain sensations by processing incoming noxious information arising from stimuli such as tissue damage. In order for noxious information to reach the brain it must pass through a metaphorical ‘pain gate’ located in lower levels of the central nervous system. In physiological terms, the gate is formed by excitatory and inhibitory synapses regulating the flow of neural information through the central nervous system. This ‘pain gate’ is opened by noxious events in the periphery. The pain gate can be closed by activation of mechanoreceptors through ‘rubbing the skin’. This generates activity in large diameter Aβ afferents, which inhibits the onward transmission of noxious information. This closing of the ‘pain gate’ results in less noxious information reaching the brain reducing the sensation of pain.

Endorphin Release Mechanism involves the activation (excitation) of the pain-inhibitory pathways, i.e., the small diameter peripheral fibers (Aδ) of the nerve system. These pathways originate in the brain and descend to the spinal cord through the brainstem. The activation of these pathways will activate the opioid mechanisms, and provide pain relief by causing the release of an endogenous opiate (encephalin) in the spinal cord which will reduce the activation of the noxious sensory pathways.

The RelieforMe is the most intelligent, personalized and fully portable wireless TENS system on the market. RelieforMe is more than a TENS device. It is also equipped with EMS capability. Furthermore, the right waveforms and the complete therapy process for the targeted pains or recovery have been built into various therapy programs for execution with maximum automation and minimum manual involved. Most importantly, it has the intelligent to recommend a set of the right programs, via our artificial intelligent algorithm based on science and learning of the big usage data, to best manage your particular pains or situation and eliminate the difficulty to figure out all the complicated parameters and settings and to find the right ones to use.